Romanian climber Gabriel Tabara summiting Manaslu in 2021

MOUNT EVEREST – 48-year-old Romanian climber Gabriel Tabara was found dead in his tent at Mount Everest’s Camp 3 on Monday. According to The Himalayan Times, the man, who successfully climbed Manaslu in 2021, was attempting to climb Lhotse with no supplementary oxygen.

Since the death, two other climbers have gone missing on the mountain. Kenyan Cheruiyot Kirui and his Sherpa guide Nawang went out of contact this morning as they went above 8,000 meters. Kirui is reported to have been attempting to climb Everest without supplementary oxygen, though it’s unknown whether he had oxygen at the time.

According to Mingma Sherpa, Chairman at Seven Summit Treks, Nawang stated that Kirui had been acting abnormally leading up to their disappearance.

On Tuesday, a British climber and a Nepali guide went missing near the South Summit. According to Reuters, the two slipped and fell in the mountain’s “death zone”, where oxygen is heavily limited. Search for the missing climbers is underway.

Meanwhile, 54-year-old Kami Rita Sherpa set the record for the most summits of Everest at 30, taking the southeast ridge route to the top.

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