Wilmington, New York- After years of changes, including a new mid-mountain lodge, lifts, and snowmaking improvements, more changes are on the way to Whiteface.

The Adirondack Explorer reports that Ashley Walden, who’s the CEO of the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA), has put together a staff to analyze the feasibility of adding a snowmaking pond at Whiteface Mountain. The ski resort is the only one run by ORDA that doesn’t have a reservoir. ORDA also owns and operates Belleayre and Gore. Without a reservoir, Whiteface isn’t able to draw as much water as it wants at times. If built, the water will come from the adjacent Ausable River. Step one is to hire a consultant to study potential locations and costs.

While Whiteface’s snowmaking network has improved in recent years, they’ve still struggled to create a consistent product with warming winters. The Adirondack Explorer reported in late February that there were mounting complaints over poor trail conditions during the 2023-24 season, resulting in Belleayre’s general manager coming over to help them out.

Over the next two years, Whiteface Mountain will spend $2 million on snowmaking improvements. These projects concern fixing the pumphouse, grates, and conveyors damaged by debris and slush. After that, they could begin work on the reservoir.

Image Credits: Whiteface Mountain

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