Hokkaido, Japan—A couple of weeks ago, I was searching around for ski resort news in what was becoming the start of the slow season. While searching on YouTube for ski resort content, I found a video about a roller coaster getting stuck at an amusement park in Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido is easily recognizable for ski bums, as it’s known as one of Japan’s powder hubs.

I also enjoy monitoring the latest in the amusement park industry, as roller coaster point of view (POV) videos are fun to watch, there are numerous parallels between the two industries, so I watched a video report about the rescue.

Here’s what I learned from the video from Nippon TV News 24 Japan:

1.) This Loop the Loop coaster is sketchy, as this isn’t the only time it’s gotten stuck.

2.) There’s an amusement park that’s located at the base area of Rosutsu ski resort.

Rosutsu Resort is home to an expansive amusement park during the summertime. The park has seven roller coasters, with the biggest thrills being the Corkscrew and Ultra Twister. Other attractions at the park include a ferris wheel, log flume, space shot drop tower, go-karts, and a merry-go-round. In addition, there’s a small water park with swimming pools, water slides, and a lazy river.

The Ultra Twister in all its glory.

It’s certainly not the best amusement park in the country, as Japan is home to some stellar places like Tokyo Disneyland/DisneySea, Universal Studios Japan, and Fuji-Q Highland. Still, it looks like a fun place to visit, as these rides must have great views of the ski resort and surrounding mountains.

While there are some amusement park-type rides at the base areas of ski resorts in North America (like mountain coasters, water slides, and bungee trampolines), it doesn’t compare to this.

Mountain Stats

Trails: More than 37 trails

Lifts: 18

Skiable Acreage: 1378

Average Snowfall: 600 inches

Mega Pass Partner: Epic

Image/Video Credits: Rusutsu Resort, Nippon TV News 24 Japan

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