Montana- Missoula used to have a ski area that was only around a 15-minute drive away from downtown.

Marshall Mountain operated from the 1930s until the early 2000s and was known as Missoula’s hometown ski area. However, warm weather and the inability to expand ultimately resulted in its downfall. Since its closure in the early 2000s, Marshall has remained a popular spot for mountain bikers and backcountry skiers.

In Skier72’s newest episode of The Lost Resorts, he analyzed Marshall Mountain’s history. The video dives into the ski area’s origins, the intended upper mountain expansion, what led to its closure, the mountain’s second life as a biking and backcountry skiing hub, Marshall’s transition to city/county ownership, and its topography.

Unlike other mountains that appear in The Lost Resorts series, Marshall Mountain remains a community staple to this day. The city & county of Missoula purchased the lost ski area last year, meaning that it will remain open for public use for generations to come. In addition, a master plan was finalized last year, which detailed ideas for improving the area. Some of the ideas include more mountain biking trails, the creation of a new base lodge, building a mid-mountain shelter, and putting in a small surface lift for beginner skiers. 

To learn more about the history of Missoula’s hometown ski area, Skier72’s video is below.

Image/Video Credits: Marshall Mountain (Featured Image), (Header Image), Skier72

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