The Sickos crew consistently sends some of the craziest stuff with so little experience, it’s pretty mind blowing. If you don’t know Sickos, they’re a group of childhood friends/athletes from Oregon who travel the world in search of the extreme. My type of stuff, essentially.

In this most recent video, the Sickos crew traveled to Iceland where they came face to face with the world’s biggest ski jump, built by Red Bull. The jump, of course, is where Ryoyu Kobayashi landed a world record jump in late April.

When Ryoyu Kobayashi sent the jump, he sailed a remarkable 291 meters (~954.7 feet) to break the world record. Obviously these guys aren’t going anywhere near as far, and they didn’t actually hit the jump in full, but it’s wild that they’re even willing to hit the knuckle in the first place. And they don’t even wear proper ski jumping skis, they’re just wearing regular skis.

I can say with a lot of confidence that I would never be willing to hit that jump. Even just to point it straight down the entire ramp would freak me out.

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