COLORADO – It’s not often that we see a proper first person point of view of being caught in an avalanche. Getting one where the camera view stays clear throughout the entire video seems even less frequent.

YouTuber EvPow PMH, or Evan Powers on Instagram, shared this pretty terrifying clip of him getting caught in an avalanche while heli-skiing in Colorado’s San Juan’s. Fortunately he was able to deploy his air bag and walk away following the slide, but it’s a good depiction of the carrying power behind theses avalanches. If he didn’t have an avalanche bag and was caught under the slide, this would have been a much different story.

Ever rode an avalanche down a mountain in the backcountry of Colorado?   A week ago today I had that harrowing experience while heli-skiing in the San Juan Mountains that surround Telluride, CO.  A terrifying and humbling experience, and I’m truly grateful to have been able to walk away.

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