There is something so serene about a cabin in the mountains. Good views, nice, wooden walls, and maybe a warm fireplace. This mountain shelter does not have that feel. Its sleek design, location above a cliff, and difficulty to access makes it feel more like a survival shelter than anything else. But it is pretty sick, and it does seem pretty damn comfortable. Plus that view looks just unbelievable.

In this adventure, shot back in October, I wanted to check out one of the most iconic cabins in the Alps, Bivacco Gervasutti. Built in 2011, it’s definitely the most spacious and luxurious bivaks I have ever visited in the mountains! with a 12 bed dormitory, a huge living space with even an induction cooktop and a computer with emergency call etc, I was really surprised by how functional this capsule is.

Bivacco Gervasutti is a futuristic alpine shelter on Mont Blanc, offering climbers refuge with sustainable features and spectacular views of the Val Ferret.

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