“Sometimes in life the path ahead is blocked by Alligators, but definitely don’t let that stop you because gators are pretty chill honestly.” -Walt Jenkins

Criminal attorney/wildlife photographer Walt Jenkins was out for a ride on the Fakahatchee Strand in South Florida when he came across a couple dinosaurs in the middle of the trail. I would imagine most folks would tuck tail and double back when confronted with two massive alligators on a bike path but Jenkins judged these critters were in a “lazy mood” and decided to eke his way by. Nice move using the bike as a blocker but I think if this pair decided it was lunch time Mr. Jenkins would have had his hands full:

“It was Alligator mating season so the big male was my biggest concern. After getting the female to move I tested the male to see if he was in a lazy mood or an aggressive mood. I did not want him getting up when my bike was next to him because they have very powerful tail whips. When he showed me he was in a lazy mood I finally felt comfortable passing by and made it back to my car.”

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