EMPIRE, Michigan – I’m sure as a chocolate shop owner, you’ve got to be on the lookout for sweet-toothed shop lifters, but you probably don’t think that often about big, furry shop lifters.

Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate received an unwelcome visitor late into the night, as a black bear managed to break into the Michigan store, and the incident was all captured on camera. Fortunately the bear didn’t do much damage to the shop. Instead, he stole a 50 pound bag of sugar, took it to the back, and enjoyed a sweet snack.

The bear apparently returned the next night, but was met by a newly-reinforced back door. The Michigan Department of Natural resources was able to capture and relocate the animal.

The way he opens the door is a bit terrifying. Let this be a reminder to properly reinforce your house/garbage if you live anywhere near bear country, because they know how to open normal doors!

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