You’ve probably heard the term “fast fashion”. Maybe you know plenty about it, maybe you don’t know what it means. Essentially, it’s poorly made clothing produced quickly to follow rapidly changing trends. While it’s definitely popular, it’s a hotspot for underpaid workers, and it leads to a ton of clothing waste.

So Patagonia, which has been in the outdoor clothing and gear industry for decades, is pointing some much-needed fingers. They’re making it clear that they’re here to make high-quality products, not “fashionable” trend-following clothing.

Being Patagonia, they’re also working to educate the masses. Their full film “The Shitthropocene” highlights how fashion is harming the environment and how the company is working to create the high-quality products they claim to be making.

We began with the idea that if the gear we make isn’t of the best quality, someone might get hurt. As our impact on the planet increased, we extended that thinking to how our products are made. If we don’t make the highest quality products, we’ll just be making more crap no one needs. That’s why we’ve never cared much for trends. Instead, we make gear that is multifunctional, repairable and timeless—because the longer it stays in play, the better for the earth.

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