This paraglider‘s heart rate must have gone through the roof during this incident. This guy was paragliding with the help of a winch in Härkeberga, Sweden, back in 2013 when, as he was 350 meters above the ground, a SAAB MFI 15 narrowly missed the winch line.

According to the video’s description, the plane passed just 50 feet below the paraglider and within 1-3 meters of the line. The aircraft pilot apparently never even realized what happened, and the pilot’s map information had no indication of the paraglider’s location.

When you watch the clip without understanding that the winch line is there, it’s not that heart pounding, but understanding that with just a shift in the wind that paraglider likely would have been dead makes things a lot worse. Thankfully the plane missed on that day.

At the final stage of the winching, at about 350 meters altitude, the paraglider pilot saw an airplane coming straight at him at a slightly lower altitude. The aircraft passed below the paraglider a few seconds later without colliding. The height difference was estimated by the paraglider pilot to about 50 feet and the distance to the line was 1 to 3 meters.

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