You can be anti-park skiing, but you can’t deny that doing sick stuff in the park takes some serious skill. And if that’s true, you definitely can’t deny that doing sick stuff in the park on cross-country skis takes someone special.

Kenta Osaki has, for some reason, committed to shredding park laps on a pair of nordic skis. No, not skinny nordic-style skis mounted with alpine bindings, cross-country skis. Free heel and all (don’t get too excited here tele skiers, you’re still not cool).

That’s not the only video, either. Kenta shreds a lot of park on nordic skis, sharing tons of clips on both Instagram and TikTok. The French and Japanese skier isn’t just stuck on nordic. He can properly rip on regular skis when he doesn’t feel the need to go crazy with a free heel (again, not that kind of free heel tele skiers).

Let’s be clear, he’s not the first to get into nordic park skiing. There have been people crushing rails on cross country skis for a long while. But Kenta is sick at it, so much so that Atomic sent him some nordic skis to keep it up (at least according to his video) Keep shredding Kenta.


Il suffit que la neige recouvre un peu les rues pour qu’on reparte faire des bêtises.. 😅 Ça ressemble beaucoup à du jeter de viande pourtant je vous promets c’est très technique (d’ailleurs c’est pas encore validé) #skidefond #freestyle #ski #winter #freeski #nordic #nordicskiing #gopro

♬ son original – Kenta

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Image Credit: Kenta Osaki via TikTok

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