Thought this was an April Fools joke for a second but its a little late for that. Check out this new summer tourist attraction that La Plagne Ski Resort in France is launching on July 8th. They are calling the “AEROLIVE Expérience” and its basically a open air gondola where passengers are harnessed in rather protected by walls and windows. The ride will last 30 minutes at a cost of €49 ($52 USD). Incredibly simple concept and I think its a winner. Think of it as a hayride in the sky.

A world first and a La Plagne exclusive : 2 cabins like no other join the recent Glaciers gondola line, which joins the new Live 3000 summit, at an altitude of 3,080 m. Designed by La Plagne, developed by the manufacturer POMA, these minimalist cabins are open to the 4 winds for an upward journey with the wind blowing in the wind . Harnessed and attached using a lifeline, passengers are in direct contact with the environment: a semi-open slatted floor and no glass to act as a barrier! Destination ? The roof of La Plagne and a striking Alpine rooftop , with panoramic terrace and Sixième Ciel café.

Duration of the experience: 30 minutes with briefing and journey in the cabin
Capacity: 6 people
From 1.40 m
Price: €49

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