On the hunt for your next off-season sport? How do the rollerskis sound to you? Yeah, I’m talking about those goofy nordic rollerskis, but with a bit of a twist. The Proga Skate rollerskis feature a full brake system, so you can properly take these bad boys downhill.

You won’t be proper downhill skiing in the summer with these, but you might be able to get pretty close. Rollerskis are focused around nordic, and these ones continue to feature a free heel meant to be used with nordic style boots, so serious slalom isn’t exactly an option. But it looks like it could be a killer time.

The Proga Skate with brake currently runs at €719.00 on the Proga website (~$767 USD at the time of writing). Made from aluminum and carbon, each ski weighs around 1060 grams. Each wheel sits at 24mm wide, giving the skates 22mm of clearance. Do you want to take these off roading? No, but you could probably rip down some sweet paved hills.

Rollerskis with brakes push the boundaries in cross-country skiing, especially in terms of safety. They are the first rollerskis on the market that allow effective braking and speed control.

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Image Credit: Proga Rollerskis via YouTube

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