We’ve seen our fair share of beachwear on the slopes but this has to be the most elite assembly of bikini skiers ever. This cheeky video was made by the ladies of the French ski team aka The Speed Frenchies to drum up support to fly the team to South America for summer training.

Cheers to all the spring skiers and snowboarders who shred in the same gear as they hit the après jacuzzi in!

The “Speed Frenchies” refers to the formidable French women’s ski team, renowned for their exceptional speed and agility on the slopes. This elite group of athletes has consistently demonstrated their prowess in speed skiing events, such as downhill and super-G, on the international circuit. Their dedication, training, and teamwork have not only earned them a place at the top of world rankings but also inspired a new generation of skiers in France and beyond. The Speed Frenchies embody the spirit of competitive skiing, combining technical skill with fearless speed, making them a force to be reckoned with in the skiing world.

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