United States – For the past several days, 16 furry Ikon-resort employees have been competing head-to-head on Instagram in the Bark Madness Bracket challenge, working to determine the Pinnacle of Pooch. Today the Final Fur, the last four dogs in the competition, were revealed, providing what might be one of the most difficult decisions you need to make this year.

All dogs competing in Bark Madness will be gifted food, toys, joint supplements, and gear, but only one can stand on top. The winner, the Pinnacle Pooch, will be given a donation to their handler’s favorite animal shelter and a year’s supply of food from Dr. Tim’s Pet Food.

So, who are the Final Fur? The four finalists are made up of two dogs from Colorado, one dog from Idaho, and one from New England. Sugarloaf‘s Winston is paired up against Schweitzer‘s Annie, and Arapahoe Basin‘s Olive is taking on Copper Mountain’s Aley. You can vote for your favorite pup over on the Ikon Pass Instagram page.

It truly is a difficult decision to make. How could I possibly choose one adorable dog over four other incredible dogs? Frankly, I might have to abstain (just kidding, I’ve totally got a favorite, but I’m not going to say who it is…).

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Image Credit: Ikon Pass via Instagram

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