Who is everyone’s least favorite person on the mountain? Maybe telemark skiers? Drunk college students perhaps? The real answer, of course, is people who ski/ride with a speaker, and if you disagree, that’s probably because you are one.

Matt Lyons has gotten a rather large following on TikTok by mocking members of the outdoor community, hitting on everything from people who telemark ski to the people who run turkey trots on Thanksgiving. And while pretty much all of his videos are worth watching, few have really resonated with me quite like his recent roast of speaker skiers.

I wasn’t able to get tickets to Coachella this year, so I figured, ‘why not recreate it on the mountain and invite every single person without consent?'”

“They used to call me Doppler in ski school because the sound of the music gets distorted when I straight line past you on the bunny hill”

Seriously though. What’s going through the mind of people who ski with speakers? Do they actually think anyone wants to hear their music? Could someone truly be that clueless? Or is it just pure selfishness? Pure “main character syndrome?” We may honestly never truly know.

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Image Credit: Matt Lyons via TikTok

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