Bellaire, Michigan- If your name is Brad, tomorrow is a good time to head up to Michigan. The reason why is that for tomorrow, February 29th, Shanty Creek Resort is offering free lift tickets to people who are named Brad.

On February 29th, those who are named Brad get a free lift ticket. In terms of lodging, they can stay at one of their hotels the night before or the evening of February 29th for $29. The Brads will also have an exclusive bathroom in the day lodge and dining area in Ivan’s Restaurant. Awards will be given to the Brad that travels the furthest and which person can bring the most Brads with them. All that the Brads need to do to redeem this offer is show a form of ID.

The ski resort claims that the historical context is shrouded in secrecy. However, a 2008 article from claims that the day is in honor of one of the ski resort’s employees, Brad Stilwell, whose birthday is on February 29th. To get a fun rumor going, we’ll just assume that Brad Pitt used to work there.

While this is great news for Brad, Chad must be devastated by the snub.

Image Credits: Shanty Creek Resort

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