SNOWBIRD, Utah – Rossignol skier Hannah Melinn took quite the fall at the Snowbird IFSA Qualifier 4* this week, posting the clip to her Instagram page. In it, she appears to narrowly miss landing and potentially hitting her head on quite a few rocks as she tumbles over multiple cliffs and drops.

Fortunately, Hannah came out of the fall 100% free of injuries. Given her condition after the incident, and the fact that her own Instagram caption brings some humor to video, you’re definitely allowed to have a good chuckle at this fall.

This gets better the more times I watch it!” – Hannah Melinn

Unfortunately, some internet dweebs have decided that they’re qualified to judge Hannah’s skiing ability in the comments, completely failing to understand who she is. Multiple comments claimed that Hannah is not a good enough skier to be on this run, and others claim that she fell because the run was too hard for her.

LET’S BE VERY CLEAR, Hannah is a very, very good skier. She was competing in an event that requires qualification, she didn’t just randomly sign up for this freeride competition as a beginner. If you don’t believe me, take a minute to scroll through her Instagram. There’s a reason she’s sponsored by Rossignol. Her ski, in this incident, got stuck on a branch. And frankly, the fact she came out of this unharmed is a testament to her skill.

Saying things like “what were you doing there in the first place as a beginner skier” on an Instagram video, with your public profile is just embarrassing.

We’re glad you’re okay, Hannah. And we’re glad you shared this epic wipeout.

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Image Credit: Hannah Melinn via Instagram

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