PARK CITY, Utah – American fans of both musicals and the Gwyneth Paltrow ski crash trial rejoice! Gwyneth Goes Skiing, a 90-minute musical about the celebrity’s on-mountain accident, is set to make its U.S. debut in Utah later this year.

According to The Independent, the Awkward Productions musical, which satirizes the trial between Paltrow and optometrist Terry Sanderson following a 2016 ski collision at Deer Valley, is set for a run at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City. It was created by Linus Karp and Joseph Martin, both portraying the two main characters, just months after the conclusion of the trial.

The show, featuring original music by Leland of RuPaul’s Drag Race, originally ran at London’s Pleasance Theatre, with a high number of sold out shows leading to an extended run that ended on February 16. It’s set to show at Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer, heading to Utah following those shows.

In case you missed it, retired optometrist Terry Sanderson taught $300,000 in damages from Paltrow after allegedly receiving a permanent traumatic brain injury in a 2016 ski crash at Deer Valley Resort. Sanderson believed the accident was Paltrow’s fault, and the actress countersued for $1 and legal fees claiming that the accident was the optometrist’s fault. After just two hours of deliberation, a jury decided in favor of Paltrow.

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Image Credit: The Pleasance via YouTube

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