Few people in this world have the ability to grab the attention of an entire sport community by just posting a simple video to the Internet. Sure, we all get excited when our favorite athlete posts something new, but nobody can leave an entire sport in awe quite like Candide Thovex.

I would love to see someone argue the Thovex isn’t the greatest active freeskier in the sport right now. Have there been better clips that this most recent one? Absolutely. But nobody has the consistency and ability to stop everyone in their tracks quite like him, leaving them desperate for more (especially given that everything he drops is at most a few minutes).

So, without further delay, enjoy 53 seconds of Thovex shredding around Tignes.

Seriously though, what is this guy’s training routine? He’s 41 and still ripping like this (not that 40-year-olds can’t shred, please don’t come after me). In the past 2 years, he’s dropped a total of four clips to his YouTube, none of them being longer than a minute and most of them sitting under 30-seconds. And yet he remains probably one of the best skiers in the freeride world.

I’d love to see him hop on the Freeride World Tour today, just to see how he compares to the current athletes. Obviously I don’t think that will ever happen, as it be pretty unfair to the current competitors.

This is also his second clip in less than a month, with the last showing off a huge backflip, again at Tignes just two weeks ago. Does this mean we’ll be getting more Thovex clips going forward? Who knows, probably not. I’m sure he’s a busy man. But we’ll still be eagerly awaiting his next clip, and I’m sure you will too.

Image Credit: Candide Thovex via YouTube