For most, a drone peering through your kitchen window would be an immediate sign of a stalker, or at least something quite creepy. The Taylor family, of Fairview, Utah, certainly thought something similar when that occurred in their own kitchen window, but it turned out to be much more.

According to Fox 13, drone photographer Brian Telford’s truck was stuck in the snow nearby. He had been trying to get out of his truck for around an hour, but he’s wheelchair bound and wasn’t able to get out. So he strapped a note to his drone and flew it to the Taylor’s, hoping to grab someone’s attention.

I just figured, ‘Hey, this is worth a shot, I think this is a good idea.’ Smarter than it would have been for me to try to get out.” – Brian Telford

Abe Taylor, upon spotting the drone, grabbed a scooter to knock the drone out of the air, striking it down to get what they figured was some sort of stalker away from their window. But, when they brought it inside, they noticed the note.

We opened up, and it explained to us, ‘Can you please help? I’m in my truck stuck in the snow, I’m wheelchair-bound and cannot back out.'” – Abe Taylor

The note had worked, and the Taylor’s departed to search for Telford. Upon finding him, they used their side-by-side and some chains to free his truck from the snow.

“Brian turned out to be a great guy, of course, there’s a gentleman dedicated to his craft. To be able to work while it’s not easy for him to get on site to do what he does, so to be able to help him out was very gratifying.” – Abe Taylor

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Image Credit: Fox 13 via YouTube