Freeride skiing and skimo racing are two very different sports. Yes, they’re both on skis, but one is focused on all around speed in the uphill, downhill, and transitions, while the other is focused on creativity and fluidity on the descent. Athletes in both are incredibly hard working and incredibly talented, but they focus on entirely different aspects of skiing. It isn’t too much of a surprise, though, to see that two athletes, on a former skimo racer and one a former Freeride World Tour competitor, can work so well together.

Tom Peiffer and Eric Carter are both world-class competitive skiers—but in completely opposite disciplines of skiing: Eric is a former US National Team skimo race athlete, and Tom is a former Freeride World Tour competitor. And yet, as they have progressed beyond competition in their respective disciplines, their paths have converged on a long list of big ski mountaineering objectives in BC’s Coast Range.

Tom Peiffer and Eric Carter‘s adventures take them through some awesome objectives in British Columbia to a more-or-less failed attempt to ski in the Himalayas (the trip was undoubtedly still successful). Despite the lack of skiing in India, energy remained high and the partnership between the two remained strong. Brought back into Canada’s Coastal Range, this results in some epic adventures and sweet skiing.

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Image Credit: Arc’teryx via YouTube