Image Credit: Alaska Fish & Game

A couple of weeks ago, an animal you may not know about was spotted at Mt. Bachelor’s snow stake.

KTVZ NewsChannel 21 reported a few weeks ago that a Pacific Marten was spotted at the Mt. Bachleo snow stake. On January 18th, the furry little creature was spotted jogging through the snow stake.

Pacific Martens are found throughout Western North America and are considered to be a secure species. According to Alaska Fish & Game, they are “a carnivorous furbearing member of the weasel family.” They like to eat mice, meadow voles, and red-backed voles. During winter, they create a den in tree cavities to raise their children. Click here to learn more about the Pacific Marten.

Image/Video Credits: Mt. Bachelor/KTVZ NewsChannel 21, Alaska Fish & Game

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