Real Life People Make All the Decisions Horror Movie People Would

This adventurous TikTok duo stumbled upon a cave close to their quaint cabin during their Colorado camping escapade. Although suspecting it might be a bear’s den initially, they daringly venture inside. It seems they haven’t had a rendezvous with “As Above So Below,” or else they’d probably know better.


cael was bouta leave me in the cave to die😭😭 #cave #colorado #exploring #mine

♬ original sound – kenna

Upon entering, they quickly deduce that what they’ve discovered is an old mine, yet they choose to delve deeper despite encountering a bat and signs of a past collapse. Apparently, “The Cave” didn’t make it to their watch list, or they’d rethink their decision. As they navigate through the eerie tunnels, unsettling sounds reach their ears. It’s obvious “The Descent” wasn’t a feature in their horror movie marathon; otherwise, they’d be wary of the ominous echoes in the depths. Unbeknownst to them, real-life mine shafts pose grave dangers, often housing toxic gases or scant oxygen, not to mention their proneness to crumbling down. Eventually, mysterious shapes and sounds in the shadows send them sprinting back to daylight. It seems the reckless characters making dreadful decisions in horror films are not just fictional after all. Clearly, “The Barbarian” was another missed lesson on their horror curriculum, which might have forewarned them about the eerie encounters lurking in the gloom.

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