“There’s not enough money on earth to get me in this tire but I think it’s a great idea for you.” -Travis Pastrana

Bit of a double edge sword when Travis Pastrana gives his blessing on a never been done world record attempt. The stunt master knows his stuff and common sense safety precautions will be put in place but his personal level risk tolerance is kinda lets say pretty high so even if he thinks its a good idea, it may not be:

“World Record Tire Jump. Yep, the idea was so bad we had to head to Great Falls, Montana to watch this horrible idea unfold. Mikey Leach had mentioned it to Pastrana months ago and Travis got dizzy just hearing about it. We grabbed the crew and headed to Big Sky country to watch this unfold. The preparation was not only a three-story high dirt take-off ramp but a fully outfitted tractor tire complete with a race seat and five-point harness. When the test sent the tire went through the neighbor’s fence we added an uphill “brake” that seemed to work after a handful more tests. The actual run proved to be a complete brake failure and Mikey was in for the ride of his life.”