Good day, sunshine. Last week, Banff Sunshine Village in Alberta, Canada announced that the Angle Express will be replaced next offseason. In its place will be a high-speed six-pack bubble chairlift. Another perk of this chairlift is that it will have heated seats, which will help guests cope with those cold Alberta days.

This will be Sunshine Village’s second bubble chairlift, with the first being Teepee Town LX, which opened during the 2014-15 season. The Angel Express chairlift directly accesses easy, intermediate, and advanced terrain.

In terms of the construction process, the initial work has begun. The lift line of Angel Express is currently being widened to accommodate its wider replacement. Concrete pouring of the footings to the future lift towers has also commenced. In spite of this initial construction work, the Angel Chairlift will remain open for the 2023-24 season.

While Banff Sunshine Village is saying that the new bubble chairlift will open during the winter of 2024-25, an official completion date has yet to be determined.

In other Banff Sunshine Village news… they got some snow today! Yeehaw!

Image/Video Credits: Banff Sunshine Village

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