You’ve probably already seen plenty of winter snowfall forecasts this September. They come out like crazy this month, with everyone who knows a thing or two about the different weather patterns tossing their predictions into the ring. Obviously it’s too early to tell for certain. There will never be a way to 100% accurately predict the weather months in advance. It is possible to look at trends, though, and that’s what we like to do when fall rolls around.

Everyone’s favorite Colorado based shredding meteorologist Chris Tomer has just thrown his prediction out into the world, providing us with an insight into what could be an epic (or disappointing, depending on where you live) winter. So what does El Niño mean for this upcoming winter? What is a Modoki contribution, and where the heck should I book my ski trip this winter? I’ll let Chris explain all that.

My opinion on winter snowfall at ski areas, overall jet pattern, Modoki contribution, and unknowns.

Things are looking good for California and Colorado! Now, it’s important to keep in mind that above average does not mean above last season’s snow totals. Those were absolutely out of this world. So while Tahoe and Mammoth might have an above average season, I wouldn’t put my cash on Mammoth saying open into August. But who knows!?

Things are looking hopeful for our New England friends after an interesting season last year. Northwest friends, I’m sorry. Seems like luck isn’t on your side this time around. But, once again, who knows?! If anyone would, it would be Chris, but it’s way to early to say for certain.

As always, make sure to give Tomer’s channel a follow. You’ll see us talking about his weather reports a lot more once winter fully rolls around. He posts winter weather forecasts heading into most weeks and major storms, so keep an eye out!

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Image Credit: Chris Tomer via YouTube

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