“For all the legit ski tune guys, in retrospect, this should have def been a a base weld… but hey, it’ll hold for a while and the boys got some practice.” –Max Valverde

Take out the trash, pick up the dog poop, mow the lawn….tune my skis? We all can remember the laundry list childhood chores we were tasked with and the abject drudgery involved in their completion for a pittance of allowance but tuning skis was not one of my responsibilities.  I see no problem letting your children partake in ski maintenance given they are properly trained on safety protocols (lawnmowers are gnarly so don’t be too quick to clutch the pearls). It was a proud moment for this ski dad to see his kids pick up the P-TEX and iron:

“I never thought the day would come where these little shredders are fixing my skis for me. It feels like a bigger milestone than when they got out of diapers.”

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