WATCH: Keep Your Dogs On A Leash In National Parks

Domesticated vs Wild. Dog owners didn’t have their dog on a leash in GTNP while observing a Wild Bison Herd. Needless to say the huskies instinct kicked in. The massive bison was being a bison. The issue here is the human was doing what humans do______________. I’ll let you humans fill in the blank.” – Matty Deehan

Please, please, please keep your dogs on a leash when you’re out in nature. I know you like to see Fluffy run free, but unleashed dogs are a danger to nature, wildlife, and themselves.

Many national and state parks do allow dogs in developed areas, on hiking trails, and in some campgrounds, but it’s important to do your research before trying to bring any pet in. You can find out which National Parks allow pets and individual rules for each park here. Remember to follow the B.A.R.K. principles in you do decide to bring your pet on a National Park adventure:

  • Bag your pet’s waste
  • Always leash your pet
  • Respect wildlife
  • Know where you can go

Video From mattydinthegye

The dog’s owner is very lucky their pet didn’t get seriously injured or killed, and it’s lucky that the bison was left unharmed.


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Image Credit: Matty Deehan via Instagram