Last week, the snowiest ski resort in New York got ravaged by a tornado. Snow Ridge Ski Resort saw damage to four of its lifts and had a tree land on top of one of its snow groomers and much more.

WWNY reports that the damage Snow Ridge faces was worse than what they originally thought. The additional damage that they specified was to the lifts and buildings. The clean-up process has officially begun, with one of the lifts being cleared thanks to the Shue Bros Logging company.

On Monday, Nick Mir, who is the General Manager of Snow Ridge Ski Resort, described the clean-up process to WWNY:

“We have a logging crew that just started today. We already have 1 of the 4 lifts already cleared off. We started with a little mountain. That was the easiest one to start with. So that’s clear and now we can kind of do our thing, start to put that back together and assess the damage on the lift. We’re going to head over to north chair next, and they’re going start right in on that. Try getting the logs off the lift there so we can assess that one and just work our way down to ridge runner and up to snow pocket…We know this is going to be a marathon, so we’ll take it day by day and do what we can.”

If you’re looking to help Snow Ridge out, there are a few ways to assist in the recovery efforts. They have started a GoFundMe, which will go towards repairing the mountain. In addition, they’ll be hosting a volunteer day on August 26th. Alternatively, if you live nearby, go buy a season pass. When you purchase a season pass, you can then do an add-on Indy Pass. Snow Ridge may potentially be receiving financial assistance from Lewis County and the U.S. Department of Agriculture due to it possibly being eligible for disaster relief.

The video report from Zachary Grady of WWNY is below.

Image Credits: Snow Ridge Ski Resort

Video Credit: Zachary Grady/WWNY

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