Via ferrata (Italian for Iron Path) are climbing routes that employ steel cables, rungs or ladders, fixed to the rock to which the climbers affix a harness for safe passage. Kilian Bron did none of that as he made his way down this sketchy via ferrata in the Dolomites for one of the most intense couple minutes of mountain biking you’ll ever wanna see. Takes nerves of steel to ride a path of iron.


Via Ferrata, Italian for “iron path,” is a thrilling and unique form of mountain climbing that combines the adventure of rock climbing with the security of a protected route. Via Ferrata routes are meticulously constructed with a series of metal cables, ladders, and steps, allowing climbers to ascend steep cliffs and rugged terrain with increased safety and accessibility.

Climbers wear harnesses and helmets, attaching themselves to the steel cables using specialized equipment, including carabiners and lanyards. This arrangement ensures a continuous connection to the route, providing a sense of security while still offering an exhilarating outdoor experience. Via Ferrata routes are found in stunning alpine landscapes worldwide, from the Dolomites in Italy to the Rocky Mountains in North America.

What sets Via Ferrata apart is its inclusivity – people with varying levels of climbing experience can enjoy the challenge. Beginners can conquer sections with minimal difficulty, while experienced climbers can seek out more demanding routes for an adrenaline rush. Via Ferrata is also a fantastic way to introduce children and families to the joys of mountain exploration, fostering a love for the outdoors and adventure.

As climbers traverse iron rungs, suspension bridges, and narrow ledges, they are rewarded with awe-inspiring panoramic views that would otherwise be reserved for seasoned mountaineers. The blend of physical exertion, mental engagement, and the thrill of heights makes Via Ferrata a well-rounded activity, perfect for those seeking an introduction to climbing or a unique way to appreciate the beauty of nature from a new perspective.