Last week, a ski shop in Pittsburgh saw some damage to their building from an external source. On July 31st, a car that was parked next to Willi’s Ski Shop in North Hills caught on fire. This fire spread to the ski shop.

Luckily, the ski shop didn’t sustain major damage from the fire. In addition, no injuries were reported. It appears that most of the damage occurred to the exterior of the building, with not much fire or smoke getting inside. They did say though that the “fire at our North Hills location, while minor, may force us to rethink a few things.”

Willi’s has three ski shops across Pennsylvania. Two of them are located in Pittsburgh (North Hills and South Hills) while another is situated at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. All of these shops are currently closed, with the Pittsburgh stores not remaining until Labor Day weekend. They are known for these extremely catchy ads that will be stuck in my head for at least a week.

It’s been a rough period for Willi’s lately. Wilhelm Klein, who was the owner of the ski shops, passed away in April. Originally from Austria, he opened the first Willi’s ski shop in Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania in 1970. The business has won the best ski shop in the United States three times.

We’re glad to see Willi’s made it through mostly unscathed, and we’ll let you know if they need any help recovering from the damage.

Image/Video Credits: Willi’s Ski Shop, KDKA

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