The first detachable high-speed chairlift in Utah has spun for the last time. The Eagle Express at Solitude Mountain Resort, which opened back in 1989, is being replaced this offseason by a detachable high-speed six-pack chairlift.

If you want to own a piece of the old chairlift, Solitude is currently hosting an auction. The auction started on August 1st and will conclude on August 7th (i.e. tomorrow) at noon MST. Bids are currently starting at around $1300, with the proceeds going towards the Solitude Fund. This is a fund that will help out Solitude employees during unexpected emergencies. So far, they’ve raised over $112,000. It should be noted for all the wiseasses that are running up the price of Chair 69: this doesn’t represent the actual chair number that you’ll end up with. If you win, you’ll have to pick it up at Solitude between August 11 – 13 from 10 am-4 pm.

If you’re interested in making a bid for a chair, you can do so here.

Image Credits: Solitude Mountain Resort

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