The Pure Joy Experienced By A Trail Dog On A Mountain Bike Trail

There’s something so satisfying about a dog running at full speed. Maybe I’m crazy for saying this, but it kind of feels like a perfect representation of freedom. No problems, no worries, no reasons, just full speed, no limit running.

Combine the glory of a dog running at full speed with the amazing videography skills of Lear Miller, and you get this absolute beauty of a short film.

Fern the Dog joins her human (Mountain Biker Paris Gore) on a ripping ride down one of the most rugged trails in Bellingham. With Fern leading the way, this is a canine shredit for all 4 paw lovers.

I don’t want to be presumptuous, but Fern the dog looks like she’s most likely an Australian Cattle Dog. The female cattle dog typically runs at an average speed of 23.7 mph, but can reach over 30 mph in short bursts.

Part of me wants a dog like Fern, part of me want to feel whatever Fern was feeling in some of those shots. The pure joy and concentration on her face is absolutely stunning.

Oh yeah, and Miller shared some pretty remarkable photography as well.

Personally, I’d like to see a full blown movie of dogs just booking it down mountain biking trails. Maybe do a mix of sports, with some dogs hauling deep powder fields, some dogs ripping down mountain bike trails, and some dogs doing whatever other sports dogs love to do. Just keep it all in this style and I’d be glued to the screen.

If anyone makes this, please tell me ASAP. This is what the people want, production companies. By people, of course, I mean me.

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Image Credit: Lear Miller via YouTube