While Naeba Ski Resort isn’t the first Japanese mountain that comes to mind for most ski bums, it’s got a lot of things going for it. For one, it’s home of the Dragondola, which is a sick fucking name. This gondola connects the Naeba to Kagura ski resorts, and takes twenty-five minutes, making it the longest gondola in the country.

The second notable thing about the ski resort is that it hosts Japan’s biggest outdoor music festival. The Fuji Rock Festival, which started back in 1997, originally was situated at the base of Mt. Fuji. In 1999, it moved to Naeba, and it’s stayed there ever since. The major acts at Fuji Rock Festival this year included the Foo Fighters, Weezer, Lizzo, The Strokes, Lewis Capaldi, and more.

For the Foo Fighters’ performance, they brought out Alannis Morissette for a song. The Foo Fighters & Alanis proceeded to do a cover of Mandinka, which was originally released by Sinéad O’Connor. The Irish singer and songwriter, who passed away last week, was known for her many hit songs and political activism. The cover was a great rendition by both of them as usual, and it’s nice to see the Foo Fighters perform again after they dealt with the tragic passing of Taylor Hawkins last year.

The video tribute from Alanis & the Foo Fighters, shared by YouTuber Lucid, is below.

Mountain Stats

Trails: 24

Lifts: 14

Skiable Acreage: 196 hectares (Around 484 acres)

Vertical Drop: 889 meters (2916.67 feet)

Image/Video Credits: Lucid, Prince Hotels

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