Black Bear in Alaska
Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

A 42-year-old Canadian man will pay a C$7,500 fine after shooting a black bear in a national park. According to The Guardian, Serge Painchaud plead guilty to the charges, claiming that his fear of the animal is what caused him to shoot it.

Edmonton-based Painchaud was hiking in Jasper national park with two friends back in August of 2022. While on the trail, he openly carried a 20-gauge shotgun and ammunition, an illegal act on its own. Painchaud left turned back alone shortly after beginning the hike, encountering the black bear solo just after noon.

The predator was apparently across a small stream and around 30 meters away from the Canadian, but Painchaud still fired a warning shot. When the bear failed to head the warning and inched closer, he released a second shot and hit it. Painchaud’s friends called the wardens after hearing the gunfire.

The search for the bear was very challenging due to dense forest conditions and topography. Injured bears can be very aggressive when encountered in close quarters, so any further searches must be approached with extreme caution.” – Parks Canada

Black Bear in Miette Hotsprings, Canada
Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

Prosecution called for a C$10,000 fine, a year-long ban from Painchaud using a parks Canada pass, and a two-year ban on owning a firearm. Painchaud’s lawyer claimed that his client was unaware of the law against firearms in national parks. Furthermore, the defense stated that the guilty plea averted a trial that likely would have centered on whether or not Painchaud was in any danger.

Unfortunately for the Edmonton man, the claim that he fears bears was fully rejected by Justice Rosanna Saccomani.

[That] would apply to pretty much every single person in your situation. We’re all afraid of bears” – Justice Rosanna Saccomani

Canada’s National Parks Wildlife Regulations state that “no person shall be in possession of a firearm in a park unless the firearm is not loaded and is transported in a case or is wrapped and tied securely in such a manner that no part of the firearm is exposed.

Black Bear in Alaska
Photo by Danika Perkinson on Unsplash

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Featured Image Credit: Danika Perkinson on Unsplash

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