“I’ve looked around, everyone’s looking at me like really intently. One of the coaches came up to me and said you better stop, you’ve got a fish in your face.” –Steven Kezic
Wild story out of Indonesia where a surfer got his nose impaled by the sharp beak of a garfish.
NEWS9 reports Australian surfer Steven Kezic was at a surf school off the Mentawai Islands in Sumatra when he felt something hit his face. At first he thought it was one of his buddies messing around throwing seaweed but quickly realized that wasn’t the case.
In a freak accident, a 30-centimeter garfish had jumped out of the water and struck him directly in the nose, just barely missing his eyes.  The needle like nose of the garfish pierced his nose and came out the other side.
Luckily another surfer in the group was a doctor and set up an improvised surgery room on shore and was able to remove the fish beak and stitch his face up.
“The wound itself had literally entered one side of his nose and come out the other. Personally I’ve never had anyone rock up to my emergency department with a fish stuck in their face.” -Dr. Kyle Kophamel 
Pretty nifty work by the doctor given the circumstances. The beak was saved by one of his friends who may fashion it into a nose ring. Rad.

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