An annual trip to Disney and/or a mega ski resort has become a popular vacation for many Americans. I’ll admit it: I frequently visited both of these places on family trips as a child growing up in the wildly boring state of Wisconsin. As I look back on these memories and my more recent adult visits, I’ve found that both mega ski resorts and Disney deliver the same experience for tourists. Here’s how they match up:

  • Millions of out-of-state tourists flock to them every year
  • Locals hate the tourists
  • They induce fond nostalgia of childhood whimsy
  • They promise a “magical” or “once in a lifetime” experience
  • Lines are obscene
  • Day ticket prices are even more obscene
  • The cost to fun ratio is worth it if you have money
  • They sell $50 branded sweatshirts
  • Smart visitors don’t eat there
  • You will see a drunk adult do something stupid
  • They are open year-round, but winter is the best time to visit
  • Weekdays are quiet, weekends are nuts, holidays are even nuttier
  • Visitors aren’t prepared for the extreme weather
  • There are crying children everywhere
  • Ron DeSantis won’t be found there

Photos Courtesy of skiingsolo