Ford Motor Company, through its Bronco Wild Fund, is donating a Bronco SUV to the National Park Service for firefighting use in the 33,000 acres that make up Bandelier National Monument.

The Bronco Badlands SUV features the Sasquatch off-road package, customized by defense, fire and rescue company Darley to expand the firefighting capabilities of the Bandelier fire fleet. Modifications to the vehicle include high-end government communication systems with satellite and antenna connections, a drone with live feed screens built into the Bronco,  a light bar fitted roof rack, search and emergency lights and sirens, a winch, and a grille guard.

I want to thank Ford for this generous donation. Over the last 20 years, warmer temperatures and stronger winds have resulted in bigger fires that are harder to predict and manage. These more resource-intensive fires have a real impact on Bandelier’s firefighting corps, and this donation will help us manage fires better. It will also help to minimize impact to the park’s affiliated tribes, who have traditionally used park land for cultural, economic, and spiritual reasons.” Superintendent of Bandelier National Monument Patrick Suddath

The Bronco command rig is the first of two vehicles being developed by Darley to be donated to the National Park Service and a wildland firefighting agency, making up a pilot program meant to address unmet needs among fire & rescue services.

“For more than a century Ford has supported fire response and disaster relief efforts by deploying vehicles to provide emergency transportation and power and deliver essential goods. Bronco Wild Fund was created because of our passion for the outdoors, and we’re excited to donate the Bronco wildland firefighting command rig to Bandelier to help protect this National Monument for generations to come.” Ford Enthusiast Brand Manager Dave Rivers

Hopefully this means more vehicles will be donated to the NPS in the future, possibly starting a trend of companies building and donating vehicles specifically designed to fight disasters created by climate change. Good on Ford for taking this step.

Image Credit: Ford Motor Company

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