Ah the 80’s, the decade of excess. And what is more excessive than a TV movie that is basically an hour-long ad for Club Med? The 1983 film Copper Mountain ditches the plot in favor of advertising the now-defunct Club Med that sat at the base of (you guessed it) Copper Mountain. This movie features some classic skiing, hot tubs, and (reads notes) Jim Carrey? Yes before he became a household name, Jim Carrey starred in this film as his third-ever credited acting experience. Even more bizarre, he starred alongside the late Alan Thicke in their skiing debauchery.

This movie is so bad that it is good. It has 2.2/10 stars on IMDB, and I honestly think that is quite generous. Alan Thicke allegedly once called this movie so bad that Jim Carrey wasn’t even funny. Beyond the lack of plot and what some people consider acting, this movie is loaded with mistakes. My personal favorite is the very clearly Vail-branded ski race (reminder, this movie takes place at Copper). The positive I can give this movie is that it is entertaining to watch the classic skiing from the 80’s. If you have an hour to kill, I think this movie is actually worth your time as long as you are mentally prepared to question your life choices. Check out the trailer below.

Photos Courtesy of Most Media and IMDB