Accidental collisions happen at ski resorts all the time but its rare to see an intentional one.

I’ve reviewed the footage quite closely and the snowboarder who posted it assures that all the interactions with the skier prior to the dirty play are included in the video. With that in mind it seems like the skier was seeking retribution for being cutoff but its crystal clear that he was uphill at the time and the snowboarder had the right of way. Correct me if I’m wrong but that seems to be the case.

You may also question if the impact was unintentional but it doesn’t pass the smell test in my opinion. The skier isn’t some novice who might accidentally veer into someone due to lack of awareness or skill. He looks like a shredder who was simply out for revenge.

His actions are odious and if I were a ski patroller witnessing this, the skier’s pass would be pulled. Case closed. Let us know what you think.


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