Wild story out of southern Spain where a rampaging wild goat attacked three separate hikers, nearly killing one of them.

Murcia Today reports three foreign hikers required rescue from the Guardia Civil after getting attacked by the same wild Iberian ibex in the Alpujarra Hills of Granada.

The worst case was that of a 64-year-old Dutch woman who was pushed off a 65-foot cliff by the ibex and became lodged on a ledge with two broken wrists. It took some time to locate her in the rugged terrain and she was suffering from hypothermia along with her injuries from the fall when rescuers finally reached her. Rescuers carried her up the ravine on horseback and she was transferred to a local hospital.

The other two hikers that were attacked by the ibex where found by a shepherd and airlifted out. One was knocked unconscious by the animal.

The aggressive actions of the ibex may be explained by it currently being birthing season for the females of the species, at which time male ibex become quite territorial and are known to butt heads.

images from Juan Lacruz Wiki Commons