Yellowstone National Park guide David Reeves may have saved a trucker from a near certain grizzly bear attack on Highway 191 in Montana late last month. According to Ravalli Republic, the trucker had struck a yearling grizzly, attracting the attention of the protective mother. Somehow, after striking the bear, the trucker managed to walk several hundred yards to the driveway of the Cinnamon Lodge, located just south of Big Sky.

“I don’t know how he made it away from his vehicle to walk those couple hundred yards down the road with mom standing right there. I can’t believe she didn’t attack him when he was walking down to the Cinnamon Lodge.” – David Reeves

Reeves spotted the man while he was in the lodge driveway, asking if he needed any assistance. The driver, who was on the phone with his company calling for a tow truck at the time, declined a ride back the truck. Reeves spotted the large grizzly mother by the disabled vehicle when he took off down the road, noting that walking around the area would likely mean death.

“I took off and started driving down the road. And when I got to his truck there was a big grizzly bear in the middle of the road. She was over the carcass of the cub. And as I pulled up she kind of bluff charged at the vehicle. So I quick turned around because I was like, ‘There’s no way I can let that guy walk into that. She’ll kill him.” – Reeves

Reeves returned to the trucker and explained the situation, reiterating the offer to drive him to the vehicle. Upon returning to the truck, Reeves positioned his vehicle so the man could move safely between the two, returning to his cab.

Without Reeves, that man likely would have suffered a rather dark fate. Shout out to the guide for noticing the danger and acting on it properly.

Image Credit: Yellowstone National Park via Facebook