Jared Leto was filmed scaling a stone wall on the exterior of the Hotel De Rome in Berlin yesterday without a rope. The muscian/actor has spent time with freesolo superstar Alex Honnold directing a series of mini-documentaries celebrating our National Parks and it seems as if he’s gotten the bug for safety equipment free ascents. Didn’t get too crazy high but a real Rockstar Move…get it?




Dopo la prima uscita in compagnia della modella Thet Thinn, subito identificata da molti come la sua presunta nuova fidanzata, Jared Leto ha deciso che “passare inosservato” non fa decisamente rima con il suo nome. Ecco infatti l’attore e frontman dei Thirty Seconds to Mars a Berlino mentre, fuori dall’Hotel de Rome, ha deciso di arrampicarsi sui muri di pietra del palazzo attirando l’attenzione di un gruppo di persone che si sono radunate per osservare quello che stava accadendo. Secondo voi, cosa stava cercando di fare? ————————— After the first public date with the model Thet Thinn, immediately identified by many as his alleged new girlfriend, Jared Leto decided that “go unnoticed” does not definitely go well with his name. Here he is the actor and frontman of Thirty Seconds to Mars in Berlin while, outside the Hotel de Rome, decided to climb the wall of the building attracting the attention of a group of people who gathered to observe what was happening. What do you think he was trying to do? #whoopsee #jaredleto

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Here’s the film directed by Jared Leto starring Alex Honnold: 

Free soloist Alex Honnold, known for his historic ascent of El Capitan without ropes as documented in the Academy Award Winning Free Solo, takes Jared up Matthes Crest in Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park. Honnold shares how his life was shaped by the early years of climbing with his father and how his father’s death shaped him. Great Wide Open is a series of 6 short films, directed by Jared Leto, that celebrates America’s National Parks and the incredible adventurers who explore them.