VIDEO: Woman Slides Uncontrollably Down Tuckerman's Ravine

VIDEO: Woman Slides Uncontrollably Down Tuckerman's Ravine


VIDEO: Woman Slides Uncontrollably Down Tuckerman's Ravine


There’s been a ton of news coming from Tuckerman’s Ravine as of late and it reminded me of this classic clip from way back in 2011 of a woman on a high speed face first slide down the iconic face.  This classic east coast proving ground is not to be taken lightly, if you fall you will likely keep falling till you get to the bottom.

April 9, 2011: Hiking Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mount Washington in New Hampshire along the Chute. A friend and I are standing behind the boulder to avoid oncoming sluff. I was filming for really no reason other than to capture the size of sluff coming down the hill. Then, this guy cuts in between us for, at the time, I thought no reason. That was not the case… Two seconds later, a helpless girl comes flying face first down the mountain at a barreling speed (40-45 MPH) on a 55 degree slope. Roughly 150 pounds of woman, clothing and ski gear rifles down the hill and continues to take out on an unsuspecting hiker. Not the best thing to see on your first ascent on Tuckerman’s but I did strike gold because I didn’t realize i had caught her on film til we got back to the base.”

The woman in the video actually responded in the comment section 12 years ago. She came away with a busted elbow and didn’t even realize she hit a hiker at the time:

“That’s me in the video! The fall was absolutely insane, I thought I was about to die, no joke. Luckily, I came away with only a busted elbow. Other than some bruising and swelling of my elbow, I’m fine. I also had no idea I hit a hiker on my way down! Definitely glad to be alive! … got to admit though, watching this the first time just brought back the scariness of the fall but then second time, I had to laugh.”

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