I’ve only been in a Tesla once, but that one time feels like enough for me to say that I don’t see them as being great for car camping. With some simple modifications, however, I could see it working decently well for a night on the road. Tesla’s built in Camp Mode is a sign that even the car’s programmers had that thought.

The Tentsla is one product aimed to boost the Tesla’s camping ability, reaching well over their fundraiser goal within just a few days on Kickstarter.   Fitting nicely in the trunk of your Tesla, the Tentsla extends the vehicle into a full blown tent.

The tent’s airtight fit works perfectly with Camp Mode’s weather control, and the easy inflatable setup means you spend less time struggling with poles when you reach your campsite. Plus, its weather resistance, mosquito netting,  back and front door access, and multi-use canopies allow for comfortable use nearly anywhere.

Obviously, without a Tesla, this product is essentially useless. But for $600, if you have a Tesla, I see this as a darn good option. According to the product’s Kickstarter page, the Tentlsa will cost $1,199, so if you are interested in picking this guy up for a pretty low price, you better act fast!

Image Credit: Tentsla via YouTube