11-Year-Old Girl Is Already An Unreal Three Sport Star (Snowboard/Surf/Skateboard)

11-Year-Old Girl Is Already An Unreal Three Sport Star (Snowboard/Surf/Skateboard)


11-Year-Old Girl Is Already An Unreal Three Sport Star (Snowboard/Surf/Skateboard)


The young athlete is a type that always manages to catch the eyes of the public. Whether they’re skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, or any other extreme sport, it’s always quite incredible to see a full blown child do things most of us never even dream of accomplishing.

11-year-old Patti Zhou takes that idea to the next level. Back in February, the Beijing-born Coloradan took second place in the Dew Tour’s Women’s Snowboard Superpipe at Copper Mountain. She is officially the youngest person to ever hold a spot on a Dew Tour podium.

Patti isn’t just a snowboarder, though. A look at her Instagram page is likely to make your jaw drop. A post made in late March shows her remarkable surfing abilities in a Texas wave pool, and photos show that she kills it on a skate board. In a video leading up to the Dew Tour competition, Zhou credits skateboarding for helping with her snowboarding abilities, but says she sticks to the snow sport because it’s progressing faster.

This girl could probably excel in competitions for any of the three sports, so I’m glad she’s sticking to snowboarding (snow sports are the best sports). I do wonder how, after training in Colorado for seven years, she managed to become so good at surfing, but I’m not going to get too hung up on it. I just wish I was this good at a single sport!

Featured Image Credit: Copper Mountain via Instagram

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