WATCH: Five-Year-Old Little Ripper Sends Pond Skim

WATCH: Five-Year-Old Little Ripper Sends Pond Skim

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WATCH: Five-Year-Old Little Ripper Sends Pond Skim


Pond skimming tournaments are one of the greatest parts of spring skiing. You put on a fun costume, hype yourself up, and try your best to rip across a pond on your skis, hopefully garnering a pretty killer crowd reaction along the way! Or you could just party in the crowd and laugh at the people who don’t quite make it all the way across…

Either way, I see pond skimming as one of the best features of the ski world, and what better age to introduce your child to the highlights of snow sports than FIVE!

This remarkable little ripper sent the pond skim at New York’s Greek Peak Mountain Resort. It’s hard to tell if this kid is really enjoying himself, but I like to think he’s having a blast. Of course, if his mom or dad forced him to send the skim, I’m less inclined to enjoy this video (don’t force your kids to pond skim, please). Hopefully the fact that they pull him out darn quickly means he didn’t get too cold.

Baby’s first pond skim (5 yo)
by u/eltodesc in skiing

Hopefully we’ll see this kid hitting some remarkable pond skims ten or fifteen years from now. Maybe he can become the world’s first professional skimmer!

Image Credit: u/eltodesc via Reddit

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