Letter To The Editor: It's Time For A Snowboard ONLY Resort

Letter To The Editor: It's Time For A Snowboard ONLY Resort

Letter to the editor

Letter To The Editor: It's Time For A Snowboard ONLY Resort


Dear Unofficial Networks,

As someone who has spent decades exploring the world’s most challenging slopes on a snowboard, I am convinced that it’s high time for a ski resort that caters exclusively to snowboarders. For too long, we have been relegated to second-class status at resorts that prioritize skiers over boarders.

The reality is that snowboarding has become a hugely popular sport, attracting millions of participants worldwide. And yet, the majority of ski resorts continue to favor skiers, with snowboarders often treated as an afterthought. From lift designs that are ill-suited for snowboards to terrain parks that are clearly designed with skiers in mind, the frustrations of snowboarders are often overlooked.

But it’s not just about making snowboarders feel welcome. A dedicated snowboard-only resort would offer numerous advantages that benefit both snowboarders and skiers alike. For starters, it would allow for the creation of terrain features that are specifically designed for snowboarding, such as half-pipes, rails, and jumps. This would enable snowboarders to push their limits and take their riding to new heights.

In addition, a snowboard-only resort would offer a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Without the constant presence of skiers, snowboarders could enjoy a more inclusive and welcoming environment, free from the competitive pressures that often pervade ski resorts.

Finally, a snowboard-only resort would provide a much-needed alternative for those who have grown weary of the traditional ski resort experience. With its unique focus on snowboarding, it would attract a diverse range of riders, from beginners to experts, and offer a fresh perspective on the sport.

So let’s make it happen. The world needs a snowboard-only ski resort, one that caters specifically to the needs and desires of snowboarders. Let’s create a place where we can come together and enjoy the sport we love without feeling like second-class citizens.


Ian from Utah

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